Jussi Adler-Olsen - The Scarred Woman

Pieter Aspe - From Bruges with Love

John Banville - Ghosts (Freddie Montgomery)

Parker Bilal - City of Jackals

Mark Billingham - Sleepyhead

Harry Bingham -

Benjamin Black - Wolf on a String

Cara Black - Murder in Passy

Ken Bruen - Green Hell, The Emerald Lie, Ghosts of Galway

Jim Butcher - Academ's Fury

Robert Olen Butler - The Hot Country

Caleb Carr - The Angel of Darkness

Harry Chang - Year of the Dog, Red Jade, Death Money, Lucky

Lee Child - Night School, No Middle Name, The Midnight Line

Ann Cleeves -

Colin Cotterill - Thirty Three Teeth

David Downing - One Man's Flag (Jack McColl)

Mick Herron - Spook Street, London Rules

J. Robert Janes - Kaleidoscope, Dollmaker, Gypsy, Madrigal, Beekeeper, Flykiller, Bellringer, Tapestry, Carnival, Clandestine

Joseph Kanon - Los Alamos

Philip Kerr -

Gene Kerrigan - Little Criminals

Denise Mina -

David Morrell - Murder as a Fine Art

T. Frank Muir - Hand for a Hand

Jo Nesbo -

Stuart Neville - Here and Gone

Eliot Pattison - Soul of the Fire, Skeleton God

George Pelecanos - A Firing Offense (Nick Stefanos)

Louise Penny -

Ian Rankin - The Beat Goes On (stories)

Martin Cruz Smith -

Vidar Sundstol - The Land of Dreams

Akimitsu Takagi

Frank Tallis - Mephisto Waltz

Peter Temple - Bad Debts

Helene Tursten - The Glass Devil

Martin Walker - Bruno, Chief of Police