Blackjack Instructions

To learn the basic rules of blackjack go here.

In this version we use 2 decks, the dealer hits soft 17 and neither insurance nor surrender is supported. This version allows you to split just once but does allow doubling down after splitting. If you split aces, however, each hand gets dealt just one more card (no doubling) and a blackjack is only paid at 100% rather than 150% of the bet.

When you want to start a hand use the up and own arrows if you want to change the amount of the bet and then click 'DEAL'. Click the tokens that appear below the player's hand to play the hand - 'H' to hit, 'S' to stand, 'DD' to double down and 'SP' to split a pair.

This version of the game has a built-in understanding of the Basic Strategy. It will sound a beep whenever you make a choice that violates the strategy. You can use this feature to learn or practice the strategy or you can turn it off by clicking the volume control in the lower-right corner.

Good Luck!