MasterMind Instructions

The object of this game is to guess the sequence of colored circles that are hidden beneath the black circles in the bottom row of the board. There are six possible colors for each circle.

You guess one row at a time, starting with the top row. Clicking on each of the four left squares in the row causes the color of the circle in that square to cycle through the six possible colors.

When you have each circle in the row set to the color you want to guess, click the white button to the right of the row. A clue indicating how good your guess was will be given in the rightmost square. For each circle that you have exactly right (correct color in the correct position), a black dot will be shown. For each circle that has a correct color but incorrect position, a white dot will be shown.

When you have guessed the sequence correctly or have used all eight guesses without guessing correctly, the game is over and the answer is revealed.

Good Luck!