Pyramid Instructions

The goal of Pyramid solitaire is to remove all the cards from the game. Each card in the game has a value - ace is one, two thru ten are their natural value, jack is 11, queen is 12 and king is 13. Cards are removed from the game in pairs when their values add to 13. The exception to this rule is that kings are removed by themselves since their value is 13.

The game starts with a pyramid of cards laid out in 7 rows. The rest of the deck is held as a stock of cards in a pile in the upper left-hand corner of the board. Cards are exposed from the stock one at a time and are either removed along with another card or are put on the waste pile in the upper right hand corner of the board. The cards that are eligible to be removed are the top card of the stock pile, the top card of the waste pile and any cards in the pyramid that are fully exposed - ie., that have had all the cards below them in the pyramid already removed. When the game starts only the bottom row of the pyramid is exposed.

To remove a pair of cards simply drag one card over the other and release it. If the attempt is legal (card values add to 13 and both cards are eligible for removal) the cards will disappear from the game. To remove a king simply click it. When there is no card exposed on the stock pile, clicking the pile will expose the top card. Clicking the exposed card on top of the stock pile will move it to the top of the waste pile. When the stock pile is exhausted, clicking the waste pile will move the waste cards back to the stock pile and let you go through them again.

To win the game you must remove all 52 cards from the board. This version of the game allows you to recycle the stock pile as many times as you wish.

Good Luck!